Life is a Journey
And The Destination Is Aboard The Phenomenal Life Cruise!
March 4-11, 2018
Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Princess Cays, Bahamas, On To St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Then To St. Maarten
Get Ready To
Cruise In...
Every Vacation You’ve Ever Taken Has Been Missing This KEY Thing…
Picture this…
Imagine taking a cruise to some of the most beautiful ports of the Caribbean for 8 phenomenal days and 7 phenomenal nights.  You’re on one of the newest ships of the most luxurious cruise lines out there.

You get to sit back and relax... 
You don’t have to cook, 
You don’t have to make your bed,
You don’t even have to clean up after yourself... 

But to top it off you’re spending your entire vacation with several hundred
like-minded friends, 
Eric Thomas, and The entire Squad! 
Look, don’t bother pinching yourself because you’re not dreaming... 
this is really happening!

We Want To Personally Invite You For This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

If there’s one thing we hate it’s the fact that we all get together for a conference, 
but it’s over too fast. 

You know what we’re talking about, right? You come to our conferences and you just start to get to meeting people... you’re pumped up… But then after just a few hours it’s over and you have to go right back to the environment that you came from. 

We can’t stand saying goodbye. In fact, we always wish we had more
time with you.
So it’s time to stop wishing and step up our game…  
And we’re taking our conferences to the next level! 

There’s nothing more exciting than taking the vacation of your dreams while also attending the biggest conference of 2018! 

Yo, what up?! It’s ya boy, ET!
Look, after our conferences I hear it every time. There’s always someone that says, “Man E, I hate that I missed it”... 

I know our events are life changing... but I also know that if you’re not there, you’re not getting the information you need to go home and change your life! 

Look, it’s time to take advantage of an opportunity before the opportunity is gone! The 2018 Phenomenal Life Cruise is going to be the biggest life changing event of the year... and trust me, you cannot afford to miss it!

Listen to me, this isn’t like our other conferences where you can come see us in another city… This is a one time opportunity! 

You’re spending 8 whole days with me, the other speakers, the ETA family…  Can you imagine guys?! 

So it’s your boy, ET saying,  BE THERE 
MARCH 4-11, 2018
Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Princess Cays, Bahamas, On To St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Then To St. Maarten
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